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This blog used to be about me and my new husband starting our life together in Brookhaven, Georgia. Now, 8 years, 3 children, and 1 trans-continental move later, I'm writing for me; to document the emotional and spiritual journey I am on so that I don't forget the paths I have traveled in my heart and mind.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Wilmore, KY
So I totally dropped the ball on taking pics this past weekend, but thanks to Chris we have a few. I count it my own fault that there is only one extremely unflattering picture of me, below.
However, the lack of pictures does not reflect the lack of a good time. We had so much fun hanging out with Anna, Don, and the boys and checking out their new town. We got to take Emory with us, too, which I think the boys really enjoyed. As you can tell by the picture below, she has not mastered walking on a leash yet. If me and her are both attached to the leash and I am the one holding her, who is really in control?

Chris and I stayed in a bed and breakfast about 1/10th of a mile from Anna and Don's house. For any of you planning to go visit the Caulleys, the cost of "the homeplace" b and b is 50 dollars a night, and 52 if you want a queen bed instead of a double. So, as Chris would say, we splurged and got the queen. What the heck, you only live once, right?

Saturday morning, Carol fed us a delicious breakfast of french toast with berries, bacon, fruit, juice, and coffee, and we ate with Carol and her husband, Art. Following breakfast, they taught us some Jewish folk dances, and then we were ready for the day. We walked with Anna, Jon David, Luke, and Wendy (Don's mom) to go see campus. We met up with Don and ate at the one Mexican restaurant in town, which was surprisingly good and authentic tasting. I guess with a name like Jose you have to make good Mexican food. I would definitely recommnend it to anyone visiting Wilmore. There's also a really cool coffee shop (ahem... dad).
Mostly, it was just really nice to be with family and hang out. Anna and Don have some really cool neighbors, and I can already see God helping to build a network for them while they are there.
Overall, Chris and I thought that Wilmore was a really neet town. It's small, but the people there are not backwards, they are just simple. They live simply- which is surprisingly not easy to do, especially in Atlanta. The seminary in town gives the whole place a very Christian feel. It was a breath of fresh air.

Monday, February 2, 2009


Last Thursday, January 29th, Sarah and I got our new puppy Emory. Emory is a 6 week old Labradoodle; half lab and half standard poodle.I am not sure if it's because she is ours, but Sarah and I think she is cuter, smarter, and more fun than any other puppy we have ever seen or has ever been born. We have had very few "potty" challenges the past couple of days. Sarah especially loves how much Emory loves to cuddle. Emory will play for 30 minutes to every 1 hour of sleep. We realize this behavior is short lived so we are really taking advantage of it.

The coolest thing about Emory is...SHE DOESN'T SHED! Because of the poodle in her, we don't have fur around our house or on our clothes. I am not sure how big Emory will get but her mom was 75 pounds and her dad was 70. I was of course hoping that she would grow to be 90 lbs but I guess 75 is okay too.

I wish I had some fun stories about Emory like...
the other day Emory was so excited that she ran through the yard, kicked a football which hit a boy with a broken leg and knocked him down when all of the sudden she saw an old lady being mugged by... well a mugger... and Emory ran over, scared the bad guy away and was the hero of the day for saving the old lady...the next morning we ended up on the Today Show where Emory showed Matt, Meredeth, Ann and Al all of her tricks....

But for now she is still a very young puppy so all she does is eat/drink, play a little, pees/poops, and sleeps. We are sure the fun stories are soon to come however.
Below are some pics of me giving Emory her first bath. I don't know if she liked it or not but she did convulse so probably not.