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This blog used to be about me and my new husband starting our life together in Brookhaven, Georgia. Now, 8 years, 3 children, and 1 trans-continental move later, I'm writing for me; to document the emotional and spiritual journey I am on so that I don't forget the paths I have traveled in my heart and mind.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Okay, okay, I know this is by no means original, but I couldn't resist.  I am so excited about my early birthday present... a new MacBook!  I had to take the obligatory funny pictures which is one of the coolest things about a mac.  We've been talking about getting a new computer for me for a while.  I had finally talked myself out of it and resigned myself to my old HP, when Chris called me at work and said we should go pick up my new MacBook that evening!!!  I was so pumped!  Apparently he had been thinking about it for a long time and talking to different people about it and finally decided that was what we needed... he couldn't wait any longer.  So I have been having fun with my new "toy" and spending way more time than I should on it at work.  Which reminds me, I'm at work now and I should probably start doing things productive.

as a side note:  I feel like I've joined some kind of elite group of mac users... when I ask people how to do things that I used to do on my HP and I want to do on my new mac such as delete forward, two people have responded this way, "I don't know... that's a PC thing, I have never wanted to do that anyway."  Come on... wouldn't you rather delete forward than use the arrows to move forward and then delete backwards?  Give me a break.

another funny side note:  Chris usually calls me baby and Emory girl, but sometimes he gets mixed up and it comes out like this, "Hey will you get me a glass of tea, girl?"  haha, not very endearing.

Monday, March 9, 2009

The Chorus Line

Yikes, we havn't posted in almost a month, I guess we're still getting the hang of this blog thing. So I have to brag on my precious husband who bought us tickets to go see The Chorus Line this past weekend... it was a total surprise! For those of you who don't know, this is a broadway musical, and it was playing at the Fox theater in Atlanta. If you ever get to come to Atlanta to visit us, you have to try to see something at the Fox... it is the most beautiful theater I've ever been in (well, the theater in Vienna where we saw the Symphony was pretty amazing, too). But it really makes the shows even more exciting, and this one was amazing. How you find so many peope that are so incredible at both singing and dancing is beyond me. Anyway, we had a great time... and sweet Chris let me get all dressed up and he even put on a tie for me (if you know him at all, you know that this brings him no pleasure at all-he only did it for me).

We took Emory to the dog park for the first time on Saturday, too, and I didn't have my camera!!! I was really mad at myself because she was so cute playing with all the dogs. The funny thing is, she didn't interact with the dogs nearly as much as she did with the children there. She seems really drawn to them and they love her. This makes me really excited because of course I want her to be so sweet with our kids. After the park, she was so exhausted she slept the rest of the day. We took some pictures of her later on that day, so you can see how much she has grown in just a month!

She really is so sweet and you will love her as soon as you meet her!