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This blog used to be about me and my new husband starting our life together in Brookhaven, Georgia. Now, 8 years, 3 children, and 1 trans-continental move later, I'm writing for me; to document the emotional and spiritual journey I am on so that I don't forget the paths I have traveled in my heart and mind.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Girl's Weekend 2010

So after the concert, Sarah, Chris, and I headed back to the ATL, and the next morning we went to one of my favorite spots for breakfast, Rise n Dine. For the record, Sarah coming home with us was a last minute decision, and the house was a MESS!! I'm still working on not stressing about stuff like that, but of course, Sarah said it wasn't bad at all:)

After breakfast, Sarah and I headed to Memphis to meet up with Lindsay Trotter, Kim Tomlinson, and Melissa Higgins. On the road trip I tasted my first cowtail, and it was AWESOME! Of course, we couldn't find them anywhere else after that.

We had such a great weekend- I love these girls so much, and it feeds my soul to spend time with them! Saturday, we ate a big breakfast, took showers, ate crepes for lunch, shopped, had some ice cream, shopped some more, cooked pasta for dinner, and went to the melting pot for dessert. Do you see a theme here? What can I say, we love to eat, and we are REALLY good at it :) We laughed a lot, too, which hopefully burned off some of those calories.

After church on sunday we got our nails done and relaxed at Kim's house. We made pizza for dinner that night and Kim made her famous "Little dude" cookies. This is a recipe she made up herself when she was little and it is really good. I hated saying goodbye to my friends- I love you girls!

Brad Paisley Again!!!

I know I know, we've already been to see Brad Paisley once, but he is so good and I LOVE to see him in concert. Last time Taylor Swift was the opening act... she wasn't even the second act... she was the first!!! It's so crazy to think about how HUGE she is now. I'm glad I got to see her in concert then, cuz tickets to see her are pretty high now I'm sure. Anyway, the openers this time were Justin Moore and Miranda Lambert. Pretty cool, because I love Miranda Lambert. Her song, "I've Given Up On Love, 'Cause Love's Given Up On Me" was my theme song senior year of college. It was very traumatic to leave Harding without a ring on my finger or even any prospects, sigh, yes, love had given up on me (please, I had never even had a relationship for more than two months... can we say that I have my dramatic moments:)

We drove to Greenville, SC to see the concert with Ryan and Sarah Lassiter. We love spending time with great friends like them! We also love people watching at a concert that brings out the country crowd (no Obama shirts, please, Chris:) All in all, it was a great concert and tons of fun. BP always does really cool stuff with graphics for his shows and he is and AMAZING guitarist. Two interesting moments of the night:

One, he sings a song about heaven, and showed all the famous people that had died this year. Who was missing from the slideshow? MJ! Far and away the most famous person we lost this year.... hmmmm

Another song he sings called "Welcome to the Future" about how far we have come. Last verse talks about civil rights and mentions a woman on a bus and a man with a dream... the graphics behind him had been showing pictures of everything mentioned in the lyrics, but at this point, no Rosa Parks, no MLK, and DEFINITELY no Obama.

Sigh, I guess you just got to know you're audience. Anyway, I sure am proud that our country won't keep a man from being president because of his color.