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This blog used to be about me and my new husband starting our life together in Brookhaven, Georgia. Now, 8 years, 3 children, and 1 trans-continental move later, I'm writing for me; to document the emotional and spiritual journey I am on so that I don't forget the paths I have traveled in my heart and mind.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Emory and Me

So I don't have any pictures to go with this post, which I know probably makes it totally boring, but sometimes I have these moments where I can really relate to the movie "Marley and Me."  So if you have seen that movie, you may use the mental images you have from it to serve as the pictures for this post.

Today I got home, and Emory had been in her crate all day, so as soon as I took her out she was about ready to jump out of her skin.  I knew I needed to take her for a walk, but Chris had the leash in his car, so I was going to have to go buy one.  Since it was sort of his fault that I had to go buy one anyway, I decided to go ahead and get a leash I liked... a girly one... which for some reason Chris opposes on our GIRL dog.  Anyway, I left her in the car while I bought the leash, because she would tear up that store if she came in without one.  She always rides in the back of the car, but when I came out of the store I saw her sitting in the driver's seat looking right back at me as if I would just get in the passenger's side and let her take the wheel.  I, on the other hand, got in the driver's seat, trying to move her over, which has harder than I thought.  Since the park wasn't far, I decided just to try to drive with her in my lap... also harder than I thought.  My arms were in this terrible tangle around her body trying to control the steering wheel, straining my neck to try to see the road over her.  I'm sure I looked ridiculous.

We finally made it to the park, and she started playing with these two st bernards and two dogs that looked like their hair was made out of shag carpet.  All very cute, but a bit large for Emory.  She eventually  went off on her own and I thought, whew, I don't have to stress about her getting eaten.  And then... she assumed the stance... of course, I had brought no poop bags, and here were all these dog owners watching her do her business out in the grass and thinking, "I hope she is going to pick that up."  Thankfully, this sweet lady came to my rescue and offered me a bag.  Of course, Emory seems to always have diarrhea, so that was fun to pick up.  I never could find the second dropping, but at least everyone saw me pick up something, so I figured I was safe.

Then, I got into a pleasant conversation with some people, and when I turned to glance at Emory she was jumping all over this little boy.  She would never hurt him, but I think she scared him pretty bad, so I ran over and grabbed her and put her back on her leash.

We found some other dogs to play with at the end, and a woman who had brought some water for her dogs to drink (strike two against my ability as a dog owner).  Emory ran over and started drinking the water.  The woman said it was fine, but probably didn't expect her to polish off the whole thing!  

Emory's a little hard to control when there are distractions around.  These distractions could include anything from a leaf, a blade of grass, another dog, or her tail.  But now that we are home, and she is curled up at my feet sleeping, I can remember how sweet she is.
I never went to prom

We got more awesome 80's prom pictures so I had to post them.  It's kind of funny... I never went to prom when I was in highschool, so I guess I finally got the experience after all.  At first we didn't know very many people, so we stood around awkwardly and nobody danced at first (apparently similar to real prom experience), and we even got to take the classic prom pose picture in front of the tacky backdrop.  I feel very fulfilled.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Dinner Affair

So Chris and I discovered this fabulous place near where Chris works called a Dinner Affair.  Basically how it works is, you order what meals you want to make before hand from a list of meals available for the month.  We made twelve different meals including ricotta stuffed chicken, ranch chicken, italian beef croquettes, cuban pork tenderloin, etc!  It's all so good, and they had everything there for us so all we had to do was follow the instructions.  We put everything into zip-lock bags and put it in our freezer.  It's like we have a gourmet meal every night.  We went with our friends Kelly and Chrisanne.  They are both a ton of fun so that made it even better.  The only downside is that we had to wear goofy looking hats... I guess the upside is that we didn't have to wear hairnets!

Update on Emory

She is growing so fast and she is so incredibly smart!  Unfortunately, she hasn't been feeling well lately.  There was a night last week when Chris and I found ourselves awake at 2:30am- Chris was bathing the dog and cleaning poop, throw-up, diarrhea, etc. out of her crate in the freezing rain and I was mopping up the mess in the kitchen.  I thought to myself this is what we get for having a dog.  Then, friday, Chris and I took off of work to spend some time together and we watched Marley and Me, and then I cried because we have such a sweet dog.  If I'm this emotional with a dog, how will I be with a child!  Today we took her to her first day of doggy day care.  We decided she might need some extra exercise during the day and interaction with other dogs.  It was basically a huge warehouse with about fifty huge dogs running around like mad.  When I went to pick her up, I looked through the window and she was swallowed up in the sea of dogs.  It made me so sad, because she seemed really sad and stressed.  She has been sleeping all evening from the moment we got home, and she has also been shedding a lot, which she only does when she gets nervous.  Anyway, here are some more pics to show how much more she has grown, and like every dog, she loves to ride in the car with her head hanging out the window.  She can now sit, stay, lay down, and almost roll over.

80's Prom

And finally, last saturday Chris and I went to a friends birthday party.  He was turning 40, so the idea was to relive his prom (which happened in 1987).  It was so fun... I found this hilarious dress at Goodwill, and Chris wore an awesome mullet.  There was plenty of 80/s music including, of course, Thriller.