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This blog used to be about me and my new husband starting our life together in Brookhaven, Georgia. Now, 8 years, 3 children, and 1 trans-continental move later, I'm writing for me; to document the emotional and spiritual journey I am on so that I don't forget the paths I have traveled in my heart and mind.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Our New Puppy

Here is our new puppy... Did we really need a new puppy? No, but how can you say no to that face? She is half lab half plott hound... going to be a big girl!

Here is our annoyed puppy. Emory wears her emotions on her sleeve, so she let us know very quickly that she did not approve of the new addition. (Please ignore Chris in his boxers, as a general rule he doesn't wear pants in the house, so no surprise visits please:)

In Emory's defense, we made the puppy stay in her crate because she didn't cry when she was with Emory, when we came home from church the puppy had peed all over Emory's crate! I would probably be grumpy too.

Don't worry, we didn't really get a new puppy, we just fostered her for one night (this was Chris's idea and I informed him that I couldn't do it again... I felt like such a horrible person giving her back). Let's hope that she found a really great home, and for now our diarrhea dog is keeping our hands full :)

It just occurred to me that two posts ago I entitled "Snow Day" which is ironic because there was hardly ANY SNOW AT ALL that day, and the following post was about Salt Lake City where the snow was up to our waist but everyone went about there business as usual... the joys of living in the South.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Salt Lake City

So Chris has to go to Salt Lake CIty every other month or so for work, and this last time I got to go with him! It was soooo fun. We haven't really taken a big vacation since our honeymoon (I don't know if this really counts since Chris had to work during the day, but it was great fun for me :). It just so happened that we were there during the Sundance Film Festival, and Chris's boss's wife was able to get us into one of the movies called Happythankyoumoreplease. The director who was also the main character came out afterwards to answer questions about the film. It was really fun and then we ate dinner with Chris's boss and his wife afterwards... a very fun night. It was so fun to see all the snow, and one day we went sledding on some big intertubes. The pictures show us being pulled up the hill by a tow rope.